CS:GO Faces In Maps

There’s faces everywhere in CS:GO maps that CAN’T BE UNSEEN…

Faces on walls

Googly eyes on Zoo

CSGO Faces Wall Zoo

And more on Agency

CSGO Faces Wall Agency

Happy face on Dust2

CSGO Faces Wall Dust2

Faces on guns

The USP-S is having a great time


The Five-Seven not so much

CSGO Faces Five Seven

The Deagle can’t believe it

CSGO Faces Deagle

The Five-Seven Kami is amazed

CSGO Faces Five Seven Kami

Faces in objects

Wrongly incarcerated kitchen rolls in Overpass

CSGO Faces Lockup Overpass

CSGO Faces Lockup2 Overpass

Angry lights in Cobblestone

CSGO Faces Lights Cobblestone

Faces on buildings everywhere

Baked building on Train

CSGO Faces Wall Train

Angry tunnel on Overpass

CSGO Faces Building Overpass

All the buildings are contented on Mirage

CSGO Faces Building Mirage

CSGO Faces Building2 Mirage

All the buildings are sad on Inferno

CSGO Faces Building Inferno

CSGO Faces Building3 Inferno

Except this one who’s happy

CSGO Faces Building2 Inferno

Disappointed building on Dust2

CSGO Faces Building Dust2

Happy building on Dust2

CSGO Faces Building2 Dust2

There’s all the emotions on Cobblestone

CSGO Faces Building Cobblestone

CSGO Faces Building4 Cobblestone

CSGO Faces Building3 Cobblestone

CSGO Faces Building2 Cobblestone

Faces on maps

Suspcious area on Train

CSGO Faces Map Train

Enjoy seeing these forever more as you’re playing…

Any others you’ve spotted?

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