CS:GO AK47 Tutorial

Out of all the small arms weapons we have now in the world, none have made a greater impact and been manufactured in a greater quantity than the fabled AK47. Even in the realm of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the Russian assault rifle has left its mark throughout the years with quite a bit of success.

A weapon of the terrorist side, it’s the punchier counterpart of the Colt M4A1, sacrificing a bit of accuracy for a bit more power. But of course, it can be deadly accurate in the hands of a good player who knows how to use it.

It used to be the cheapest assault rifle you could get in Counter-Strike before the Famas and the IDF Defender came along. In CS:GO, it’s worth $2700 instead of $2500 in previous games. Its form and sound are easily recognizable; you can hear an AK47 being fired from far away due to its loud and distinctive sound.

But then again, you’re going to hear it a lot anyway since it’s perhaps the most popular weapon for the terrorist side. It’s usually an AWP for one or two players and everyone else with AK47s in the terrorist side. It’s a lot like its real-world counterpart in its prevalence.

Its damage is pretty significant for an assault rifle. You’re sure to get a kill with a headshot with 143 damage to unarmored and 111 damaged to armored. Everywhere else would not be as optimal, with 35 unarmored and 27 armored damage to chest and arms, 44 unarmored and 34 armored damage to abdomen and pelvis, and 26 damage to both unarmored and armored legs.

This means that you have to aim for the head as much as possible to get the quick kills, which means you have to get familiar with its handling.

It’s fairly heavy, so you have to practice your quick weapon changes to go from knife to AK47 so you don’t get caught flatfooted while still moving quickly. Its high recoil demands that you fire with quick bursts since full auto is only for the closest quarter of battles, and even that may be perilous if there’s even a bit of space between you and an opponent.

It does have a lower rate of fire compared to other assault rifles, which balances things out considering its high damage and does make it easier to control for those who can bear it. But if you get to the point where you can, you may even favor it over the M4A1 as a counter-terrorist and pick it up at every given chance.

Despite its threat, it does have even more drawbacks. It’s definitely no match for long range weaponry as even the best of AK47 users may find it hard to hit an AWP sniper from far away and kill him before he kills you. In those cases, you may have to take cover and throw a flashbang or smoke to hit back.

Speaking of flashbangs, they’re pretty the standard operating procedure against AK47 users, but they can be your best friend as well. You can force opponents to retreat or even just make them more willing recipients of your 7.62x39mm NATO bullets when they’re blind and panicking.

More on how to shoot the AK47, you can use the slower rate of fire to your advantage. Instead of just burst-firing when an opponent is at long range, you should make use of tapping. Bursting is more for mid-range shooting, which isn’t ideal if the opponent is farther away. The act of tapping is basically shooting one round, then letting the recoil reset so your next shot hits the same spot as the first, thus giving you a great degree of accuracy.

This is recommended for killing opponents at a distance, and getting good at this can make you deadly at long ranges since headshots with the AK47 are instantly fatal. You can practice this by simply shooting the wall and figuring out the rhythm that lets you tap effectively while not being too slow. Once you get tapping down, you should then practice it while moving from side to side in order to be harder to hit while shooting.

If the opponent is close and right there in front of you, then you can just spray him while strafing. If his teammate is nearby though, you may not want to go hog-wild with the spray and still have enough in the magazine to address that problem shortly. When spraying, you would want to aim low at first so that you hit the opponent full on when the spray reaches max recoil height. Practice spraying on the wall as well to get familiar with how much much the AK47 recoils.

Once you master the AK47, you become a threat in any CS:GO game, especially if you’re on the terrorist side. While it’s only the start with many other weapons worth mastering and many strategies and tactics that require attention, getting good with the AK47 is a pretty good start.

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